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Bits Lovers share great content about technologies focused on Linux, Cloud Computing, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Sofware Engineer, and DevOps Engineer.

Our History

Giving Back and Increasing Your Knowledge: My Journey with Bits Lovers

I am proud to tell you how the Bits Lovers’ was created and what is the idea behind it.

Most people start a blog by hobby, but, for me, besides a hobby, there is a feeling of repayment.


My first computer experience was in 1993 when my father bought a Pentium 1, and I was five years old. I didn’t know how to use it; of course, I didn’t even know how to read yet, but I could memorize all icons and symbols, like any kid, and what each icon does and open on Windows 3.11

But, in 1998, for me, it was the big jump: With Internet access new Microsoft Windows, everything changed. Finally, I was able to read and learn everything by myself.

I am grateful for all the great and free content I found on the Internet that supports me in building my career and the great foundation about Computing. Until today, as Computing Engineer, the Internet, and bloggers has actively contributed to my success in my life. Where I still find helpful content to find solutions to my challenges or learn something new that boosts my career.

In 2019, I practiced meditation and gratitude for everything I achieved in my life. And I was making some reflections: How many unknown people contributed and shared their knowledge with me that made my goals possible?

I don’t have that number; there would be many people. But, the most crucial idea emerges from that conclusion: What can I do with all my experience and knowledge? Besides using them to do my duties as DevOps Engineer, I was not helping or impacting people’s lives.

For some days, I felt selfish because I realized that I had a lot of knowledge that would be useful to many people.

With this in mind, the following question then arises: How can I show my appreciation and give back to others? What methods are available for me to repay those who have helped me along the way?

With a single question, an electric current of enthusiasm and possibility electrified the atmosphere. With that energy in mind, Bits Lovers’ was created – allowing dreams to take flight!

You can become even more knowledgeable by sharing your knowledge and helping others. This gift of teaching benefits the receiver and enables us to tap into our infinite potential for growth!

Living with regrets is no way to experience life. For three years, I focused on blogging and recently realized that starting something like Bits Lovers sooner would have been an even more rewarding journey; however, it’s never too late to celebrate successes – the fact that I did begin three years ago fills me with pride!

Despite my efforts to help others with the knowledge I share through my articles, I rarely receive appreciation for solving their issues. Maybe they are too busy, but I am not blaming them; it’s normal. I never sent a message to the people that shared their information that it resolved my issue after three days of struggling to thank them. Have you taken the time to consider all of those who are likely helping you in some way, even though they remain unknown? But that is a good intention and builds infinite energy to do the best for yourself and others without expecting anything in return.

Even the smallest of actions can have a significant impact! – something I learned from my own experiences of helping others. Although it may take extra time and energy, nothing beats the feeling of assisting somebody in need without expecting anything back. This kind gesture gives us inner satisfaction and serves as fuel for success in our lives!

Quality Matters for us

Quality Matters

However, we know (or not) how many websites about technologies exist today. We don’t want to be just one more little website inside this massive ocean of content on Google. We want to cover a lot of content, but we will focus on Quality, not quantity.

Our understanding of Quality is delivering the best content and the best answer that you are looking for. Besides, that brings benefits for your life and carrier.

Whether IT-related, you are, or just a technology lover, our lives go fast, and we need constant productivity. After many years of a Software Developer and DevOps Engineer, I have created habits to automate many tedious and repetitive tasks, and these habits bring many benefits to my career and life. So, on this website, you will find many tips for being productive by automating your tasks.

Also, like many IT-related fans who love gadgets, we will share some reviews of the best devices. Who does not love to see a good review, such as buying a good headphones to listen to good music while you write a good code?

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