Applications of Flow Control Valves

Today flow control valves are commonly found in almost all hydraulic and pneumatic systems where they serve to control the flow rate of the fluid or air. Having the ability to control the flow rate empowers the user to control and manage other process variables. For instance, the temperature inside a closed container is directly proportional to the amount of applied steam pressure. It can be easily controlled by keeping the flow rate and pressure low with the help of an electronic flow control valve.

With the help of a flow control valve, the flow of the fluid can be easily controlled and directed in the right direction. Today, a flow rate control valve comes in different types to control various types of fluids. 

Below we have listed a few applications of Control valves:

Compressed Air:

The revolution of technology has brought a lot of changes in approximately all the industrial sectors. Manufacturers are moving towards automated systems to achieve high quality and reduce the labour cost. Nowadays, a number of pneumatic and hydraulic systems are used in the manufacturing and processing industry. 

The pneumatic systems require compressed air to perform their tasks at a specific flow rate and pressure. To achieve this flow rate and the pressure an electronic flow control valve is used in the pneumatic system. Because it has the capability to reduce the flow rate of the air and maintains a steady flow of the air to perform a specific task. By keeping the pressure low, an air flow control valve ensures the safe working of the system. 

Flavour and Product Coating:

This is one of the essential processes that take place in all the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing plants.  In both of these industries, products require a surface coating of different substances. For instance, a precise amount of medicine is coated accurately with the help of a flow rate controller so that all the tablets can have the same quantity of medicine. If the composition will vary in all the tablets then they all will have a different effect on the patient. It can harm the patients. An electronic flow control valve helps the manufacturer adjust the flow of the coating material that the automated system has to coat on the tablets. 

Filling Operation:

Beverages and liquid medicine come in different size bottles. The filling operation in the pharmaceutical and beverage industry requires great precision to fill the correct quantity in all the bottles. In this regard, a liquid flow control valve helps a lot. It helps the automated filling system in filling the same quantity of liquid in each bottle. It maintains a steady flow rate and shuts off the flow when a set amount of liquid flows out of the system and waits for the next bottle to reach under the nozzle.  When the empty bottle reaches under the nozzle, the electronically controlled valve resumes the flow and the same process is repeated. 

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Final Words:

An electronic flow control valve is essentially used in many industrial and as well as in consumer applications because of its reliability and strong control over flow rate and various other process parameters.

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