Best Blogging Software For Linux

Best Blogging Software For Linux Desktop In 2023

Looking for an opportunity to create a blog? Blogging today is not just a hobby but also an integral part of marketing strategies for many business owners. This is a good opportunity for business owners to strengthen their position in the market and get new visitors. But whether you plan to blog for personal or professional purposes, you need to choose the right blogging software.

Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can easily create a quality blog using specialized software for blogging with open source and other additional free tools. If you are a user of the Linux operating system, then below you will find the best blogging apps for Linux in 2023.

Top Blogging Software For Linux Desktop In 2023

So, what apps can help you with blogging if you are a Linux user? There are a lot of useful and easy tools that can help you to create a blog easily. But there is a need to promote your new site too. For example, consider a backlink-building strategy that you can implement with Adsy. Also, check out some extra tools from Unixmen that will be useful for the promotion of your blog and blogger outreach creation.

But let’s go back to the blog creation tools. Below you can find some useful programs if you use the Linux operating system and want to get interesting solutions for blogging.


WordPress is one of the most popular platforms that are used to create blogs. Just a few minutes of your time and you can get a quality blog and fully customize it to your needs. You can use the ready-made themes and templates to open a site immediately. The main benefit of this system is that its ready-made templates cover most business areas so you can find the right one for you in an instant.

WordPress has all the necessary features for blogging, support for various themes, as well as a large number of plugins that allow you to customize your site and add all the necessary tools in order to make a quality blog.


If you need a tool to manage your content, then Drupal is the one for you. What is so special about this tool? There is a wide arsenal of tools that help manage the content publishing process, manage admin profiles, provide discussion opportunities, and so on. This is a good tool that suits different types of blogs.

This tool will be relevant both for site owners with a large team and for personal blogs. This tool is considered one of the best for Linux system users. So, you can use it if you need a management solution for your content.

Visual Studio Code from Microsoft

Visual Studio Code is the most convenient and functional code editor for those who need a tool with which you can create high-quality sites. It is worth noting that this tool allows you to work with almost any syntax and also implies working with all modern programming languages.

However, this tool is suitable for those who understand what programming is. But it opens up many opportunities for the realization of your ideas. Here you can install add-ons, and work with git-repositories, it supports all popular website builders, as well as it offers easy navigation.


Textpattern is another popular software for both personal blogging and professional website management. This tool is built on PHP and MySQL database. What is so special here?

There are countless themes that allow you to launch the site almost immediately. Therefore, you can quickly start creating a structured site without any additional programming knowledge. This is a good tool for those who need quick results.

Movable Type

Movable Type is another useful tool for posting content and creating personal blogs. This tool is easy to use and offers an interactive interface. There are many useful features here, among which there is an opportunity to use many additional functions like easy integration with the other platforms.

The platform supports many plugins. Also, it supports a wide range of databases, including SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. This tool allows you to manage content in many flexible online environments. With the help of templates and the ability to integrate with almost all social media platforms, this tool is an excellent text content manager.

Wrapping Up

So, there is no need to be a guru in website creation to make a blog, even if you need one for professional use. As you see, there are a lot of valuable tools for Linux users that can help you with blog creation. To make the right choice, take your business or personal goals in mind, consider whether you have the technical knowledge, and plan your development and promotional budget in advance. Then, check out the tools available and pick up the most convenient for you.

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