Document Management Solutions for Software Engineering: Tools and Techniques

Streamline your document management with engineering document management software. Specifically designed for various industries and company sizes, this software streamlines your information retrieval, strengthens security, and improves approval and revision management. You’ll enhance your customer service, and collaboration and make sharing documentation easier. If you need to document management software for different, check out our top best utilities and techniques.

Best tools for managing software engineering documentation

If you choose a version control tool, then you should look at the following features:

  • With version control, effortlessly manage multiple revisions of the same document while ensuring everyone has the latest version to collaborate on.
  • Metadata management lets you easily organize and search files by capturing important file details, such as the author, version, and document type. Save time by effortlessly gathering metadata with the best DMS tools that automatically capture essential information with each file upload.
  • Automate archiving and simplify audit trail compliance. A good tool automatically grabs files from relevant locations, including email attachments, and adds them to the system. It is good if audit trails keep track of who views and approves each file, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
  • With scalable cloud storage, you can expand your capacity as your needs grow.

#1 M-Files

If you are looking for a tool for document lifecycle management, then you have found it in the form of M-Files. This all-inclusive software offers an intuitive user interface and is perfect for industries such as banking, consulting, construction, engineering, energy, manufacturing, professional services, and real estate. Law firms can also benefit from its powerful document management capabilities.

M-Files simplifies paperwork management by converting paper files to digital form and automating workflows. Its features include metadata recommendations and version control, making data management a breeze for organizations of all sizes. Upgrade your document management with M-Files today.

Partnering with Parashift, an innovative machine learning document retrieval company, streamlines your document management process, saving you time and hassle. The automation feature allows for the processing of diverse document types, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured, without the need for manual sorting and analysis. This tool is an excellent option for efficient file management. You may connect all of the papers in your company’s many departments using Parashift, and you can take advantage of automated processes with cutting-edge encryption and permissions policies. However, this solution is considered costly.

#2 FAX from iPhone

Whether you need agile documentation management VPN or bookkeeping, you can do it all with a good internet fax app. With Fax App, you can easily send and receive faxes from your device, no matter where you are. Process various types of fax-ready documents, including books, receipts, passports, ID cards, notes, photographs, posters, maps, certificates, newspapers, licenses, and letters. All you need to do is download the application here and in a minute your documents will be sent to the addressee. Here’s what the Fax App features:

  • Easy and fast fax sending – send faxes around the clock, quickly and easily. Simply select your document and local fax number.
  • Convenient fax call reception – choose any online fax number and receive faxes from anywhere in the US or Canada. You can even change your fax number for free once a month.
  • Simply use the built-in scanner to capture snapshots of documents and send them in seconds.
  • You’ll also have the convenience of editing scanned photos within the app. The download received faxes in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format with ease and track your faxing history to quickly identify any failures.
  • Securely sign documents using the electronic signature feature.

#3 Templafy

Templafy is an impressive and efficient free software for document management that simplifies your work. It streamlines your file management by consolidating all your company documents into one library, which can be accessed with just a click. Its real-time updating feature helps team members work together seamlessly.

For those who seek automated documentation generation, the Templafy feature is the perfect solution. It allows users to create various business documents using their customized templates with ease. Essential documents like NDAs, HR contracts, and customer communications can be generated automatically, helping you save time and effort.

Experience streamlined document creation to improve efficiency with personalized templates for each user. Additionally, you can benefit from enterprise-scale email services.

#4 MasterControl

MasterControl provides a content management system specially designed for safety-oriented organizations. Its document management system is fully equipped to comply with a variety of regulations and guidelines, enabling the tracking of modifications and selection of individuals responsible for reviewing and editing relevant documents.

You can easily enjoy conveniences like reminders and notifications, saving precious time. Moreover, their system ensures that only authorized personnel can modify documents, thereby preventing any unauthorized alterations. Rely on MasterControl to keep your data secure and compliant.

#5 Folderit

Say goodbye to cluttered paper and hello to efficient digital document management with Folderit, the cloud-based solution offering sustainable storage and user-friendly management for all your digital documents. Get secure metadata storage and search capabilities for files, metadata, keywords, and document content, making it a breeze to find exactly what you need.

Enjoy a range of features like approval workflows, file linking, automated retention, reminders, document numbering, audit trails, and local backups. With Folderit, you get full control over access to your files with customizable permissions. Plus, integrate with Office 365 apps and DocuSign to make your document management even more streamlined. Make the switch to Folderit and simplify your document storage today.

#6 DocuWare

Discover the limitless capabilities of DocuWare – the ultimate document management software with a plethora of secondary uses. This versatile program not only scans paper documents of any type, but also simplifies billing, personnel administration, sales and marketing, and more.

Experience unparalleled efficiency, thanks to its sophisticated workflow automation manager and advanced document imaging and OCR solutions. Additionally, it is simple to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. Though it boasts a host of benefits, the one downside to DocuWare is its lack of transparent pricing. But, with all its advantages, we believe it’s worth every penny.

#7 Revver 

Revver is a cloud-based software with dynamic capabilities to streamline your work processes and manage documents easily. You can store, organize and collaborate on documents for enhanced workflows and business processes. Revver’s rich features help streamline processes by automating workflow mapping and lifecycle management. Also, create comprehensive folder templates for consistent file structures and use supported file formats, such as PDFs and image files, automatically grouped together using metadata.

Collaborate with your team on multiple documents seamlessly by leaving feedback and comments. You can establish approval processes and track all document activity, ensuring perfect collaboration. It is the perfect solution for combining your process and file management needs.

#8 docEdge

Discover docEdge’s all-inclusive Document Management System (DMS) solution. Its extensive features enable effective management, regulation, and streamlining of all your business documents. Organize and categorize documents effortlessly with customizable tags, ensuring that your team can locate files easily.

Version control plays a crucial role in docEdge’s DMS, and its robust tool lets you track and highlight previous file versions. This way, you can be confident that you and your team always work with the most accurate and up-to-date version.

Not all files are alike, and docEdge’s powerful permission features make it easy to control document accessibility and determine which team members can view them. Choose the one that best fits your business’s needs among our three tailored versions.

#9 OpenDocMan

Looking for free document management software chock-full of premium features? Look no further than OpenDocMan. This open-source tool offers granular file permissions and support for multiple file types – you won’t miss a thing. Plus, the change-tracking capabilities keep you up-to-date on all updates. But that’s not all OpenDocMan offers. With automated document review workflows and easy-to-use search functionality, you can keep your documents organized with ease. Did we mention it’s free? Perfect for a self-hosted, on-premises DMS. Or, upgrade to the cloud-based version for just $79/month and unlimited users, with 500GB of storage.

#10 Wrike

Explore Wrike – an easy-to-use work management software that simplifies tasks offers collaborative media and documentation management and allows convenient work supervision, task prioritization, and efficient workflow management using the widget builder. Moreover, its real-time workspace promotes organized and collaborative discussions with your colleagues, while smart notifications and automation software help you stay ahead of project delays. Seamlessly create, attach, or link documents from anywhere by integrating with Google Drive and Dropbox – all while enjoying the advantages of cloud storage. Don’t fall behind and stay on top of your work with this user-friendly tool. Try Wrike today!

Documentation best practices

#1 Give files consistent and meaningful names

Don’t overlook this crucial factor for effective teamwork. Creating a document naming template at the outset ensures consistency and clarity across the organization, streamlining collaboration and document management. Make it a priority.

#2 Create a versioning tool

Maximize document management efficiency in the AEC industry by working on the same file as much as possible. Eliminate the hassle of multiple uploads and revisions by saving changes in a new document version, even when edited by multiple professionals simultaneously.

#3 Define approval workflow

Streamline your document management process with an approval workflow system. Easily create, update, and archive documents while ensuring team members view and sign them. Monitor progress and identify bottlenecks, reducing approval times by up to 80%. Start simplifying your process today.

#4 Allow access from mobile devices

Gone are the days when mobile devices were only good for calling and texting. Now, we can solve problems even when we’re out of the office. So why not take it a step further and enable document management on mobile devices? This would eliminate the need for constant trips back to the office or carrying around a computer to manage documents. As a result, approval times would be shorter and versioning issues would decrease.

#5 Set up a document tracking system

Keep track of your documents and their life cycle. Identify whether they’re in use, archived, or ready to be deleted. Regularly update your documentation, especially since team members have varying degrees of responsibility for it. By managing documents on the cloud, you can increase productivity and cut documentation expenses by up to 86%.

#6 Storage

Businesses tired of the hassle of storing legal documents for long durations can now bid farewell to physical archives and opt for cloud document management! With unlimited document storage and worldwide accessibility, cloud document management is a real game-changer for companies. No more worries about deleted files – just secure and easy access to all important legal documents.


It’s clear that no single document management solution can provide all the features needed for software engineering. By aligning appropriate tools and techniques with each individual’s circumstances, these solutions can significantly improve a software engineering project’s efficiency, resource utilization, and profitability when implemented correctly.

Effective documentation not only enhances security but also simplifies troubleshooting for any engineer working with pre-existing or new application deployments. Given the increased relevance of identifying software engineering document management solutions, being aware of the available tools is vital to reduce stress and finding optimal management solutions.

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