BTC Transfer 101: How to Send Bitcoin for Beginners

BTC Transfer 101: How to Send Bitcoin for Beginners

Bitcoin (BTC) paved the way for the cryptocurrency market in 2009, and it has been the most popular, most widely used, and most traded crypto since then—not to mention it’s also the largest in market capitalization.

In fact, BTC is so popular that many people and businesses use it as a payment method for daily transactions, such as peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, cross-border deals, shopping, dining, and more.

That said, if you’re new to crypto and don’t know how to transfer BTC payments to another user, this guide can help.

4 Easiest Ways to Send Bitcoin

Hundreds of platforms allow you to send BTC to another user. Some of the most widely used ones are as follows:

1.  Crypto payment apps

At the top of this list are crypto payment apps, which are ultimately developed to make crypto payments much easier for users. One example of them is Kasta, a P2P crypto payment app, which features free and instant sending, receiving, depositing, withdrawing, and swapping of crypto assets.

How to Send Bitcoin Using a Crypto Payment App

Using the Kasta app as an example, here’s how you can transfer BTC payments to another user:

a. Create a Kasta account.

b. Log in to the Kasta app.

c.  Deposit BTC into your account.

·   Go to the Bitcoin screen in the Kasta app.

·   Click deposit.

·   Copy the wallet address.

·   Withdraw BTC from your external wallet or exchange using the Kasta wallet address as the destination of the assets

d. Start sending BTC by going back to the Kasta app and clicking the “Send” button.

e. Choose BTC as the currency of your transaction.

f. Scan or upload the recipient’s Kasta QR code or mobile number.

g.  Enter the amount of BTC you’d like to send.

h. Confirm the transaction with your pin code.

i. If the transaction were successful, the other user would receive the payment instantly.

Note: If the recipient doesn’t have a Kasta account, ask for their BTC wallet address, and withdraw BTC using their wallet address as the destination of the assets. If you don’t have BTC, you can easily swap the currency you have for BTC and then send that to users.

2.  Bitcoin ATM

If you prefer to use cash or get a physical receipt when sending BTC to another user, using a Bitcoin ATM may be a good option for you.

How to Send Bitcoin Using a Bitcoin ATM

Not all Bitcoin ATMs are the same, as they are operated by different crypto companies. However, generally, here’s how you can use one:

a. Search for a Bitcoin ATM operator, go to their digital platform and sign up for an account.

b. Locate their nearest Bitcoin ATM.

c.  Start using the machine by entering the BTC wallet address of the recipient.

d. Enter the amount you’d like to send, and insert cash. (Transaction fees may apply.)

e. Get your receipt and inform the recipient.

3.  Crypto exchanges

Users go to crypto exchanges mainly to trade or stake assets, but most (if not all) of these platforms also have features that allow you to send BTC to another user in just a few minutes.

How to Send Bitcoin Using a Crypto Exchange

As always, the step-by-step process of sending crypto may vary depending on the specific exchange you use. But to give you an overview, this is usually how it goes:

a. Log in to your account in the crypto exchange.

b. Buy BTC or deposit assets from an external wallet.

c.  Go to the BTC page, and click send or withdraw, depending on which button the exchange uses

d. Enter the BTC wallet address, network type, and/or destination tag of the recipient.

e. Enter how much BTC you’d like to send.

f.  Confirm the transaction, and inform the other user to wait for the payment.

4.  Crypto wallets

Crypto enthusiasts use a crypto wallet as a more secure way to store their assets and protect them against hacking and other illegal activities. And almost all crypto wallets, whether they’re mobile, desktop, or web, can facilitate crypto transactions just like how exchanges work.

How to Send Bitcoin Using a Crypto Wallet

a. Open your crypto wallet.

b. Go to the Bitcoin screen.

c.  Click “Send” or “Withdraw,” whichever is applicable.

d. Paste the Bitcoin wallet address, destination tag, and/or the network type of the recipient.

e. Enter the amount you’d like to send.

f.  Confirm the transaction, and inform the recipient to wait for the assets.

The Bottom Line

Sending BTC to another user has never been this easy, considering all the platforms and options available in the market. You just have to choose whichever platform ticks the boxes that matter to you most, whether it’s a convenience, security, time to complete transactions, ease of use, etc.

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