Safeguarding Your Cloud

Safeguarding Your Cloud

Chapter 1: Vulnerabilities in Cloud Infrastructure In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud security, 2023 has ushered in a critical juncture. With the global shift towards remote work, digital transformation, and increasingly complex cloud infrastructure environments, the importance of safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance has reached paramount levels. This chapter delves into the first of …

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Secure and optimize your web server with Nginx Rate Limit, controlling request processing within a given time frame. Also, define a whitelist.

How to Configure Nginx Rate Limit and Whitelist

In today’s interconnected world, web servers face constant threats from malicious actors and high-volume traffic. Nginx Rate Limit is a powerful tool that allows you to control the number of requests your server processes within a given time frame. This tutorial will explore configuring Nginx Rate Limit to enhance your server’s security and performance. Requirements …

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