The Role of a Software Developer in an Online Casino

The Role of a Software Developer in an Online Casino

In 2022, the online casino industry will be as popular as ever.

The entire gaming industry revenue from the first quarter of 2022 hit $14.31bn in the US, which included land-based operations, sports wagers, and iGaming. Another growth trend could be seen within the iGaming sector, which includes casinos, online sports wagers, and poker. American Gaming suggests revenue of $1.21bn, up 53.9% yearly. In all, iGaming contributed 19.5% of the overall gaming revenue, up from 15.7% the previous year.

These figures demonstrate iGaming, and within that, online casinos are growing quickly, and even in a buoyant market, they’re outperforming their rivals. From a software and programming point of view, that’s great news; it means more jobs for developers in a lucrative sector. With PR Newswire suggesting a compound annual growth rate of more than 12% through to 2028, there’s never been a better time to get involved in coding and development within the sector.

What role does a software developer play in the industry, and what are the key metrics for measuring ability and success?

General Software Development

The software development fundamentals don’t change from role to role, only the end product. The developer simply creates and maintains the software used to power the casino within the iGaming industry. There are sections within that that are hugely
important, such as the user experience. UX is a key element in much software design, described by Anisha Swain as helping bridge that gap between developers’ and users’ minds. For online casinos, it is something to double down on; not only does the end-user need to feel they have a clean and sensible interface, but the developers will seek to implement the tricks of the trade.

This might mean additional coding to obtain a user’s history and an algorithm that presents games they might like. If, for instance, a user plays a lot of online slots, the software may be required to find other slots of a similar theme for them to enjoy. Based on their play, it might present them with higher value games or alternatives.

Game Development

Game development is hugely important, and this element of an online casino may suit a developer with a background in games. Online casinos are much more than a few spinning reels these days; often, they incorporate much more depth. A good example can be found in the Foxy Games online slot title Guns ‘N’ Roses, based on the rock band. It uses branded imagery, namely the legendary rock band’s logo, to draw people in, but the overall experience has to complement that. The music and iconography throughout the title are consistent with the theme, which creates an environment in which the gamer feels comfortable. Sure, that sounds easy enough, but the provider has more than 950 online slots without the special titles such as Megaways and Jackpot Slots. Developing those games is sometimes done independent of the provider, but it is a sector of the industry where good developers are always needed.

Payment Methods

Away from the graphics and colors of the casino and the subtle psychology behind the presentation, there are the nuts and bolts of the software dealing with the important aspects, such as payments. An online casino needs a robust payment interface, secure
for user satisfaction and security, but flexible in dealing with many different payment types. That might be standard methods such as bank transfers or debit cards, or it might be moving towards cryptocurrency, as is the trend within the industry for some. Being able to handle this aspect of the software is hugely important, and it might suit a different type of developer, a specialist in the field.


These are three key areas that a software developer needs to consider if wishing to move into online casinos and iGaming. Alongside these are the usual features of a developer’s world; coding and testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Whatever your skill set, you will likely find a niche within the iGaming industry. For more articles on software development and engineering, make sure you pay regular visits to our homepage, where we soon plan on expanding our technology-themed articles.

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