How to Coordinate Multiple Scrum Teams

How to Coordinate Multiple Scrum Teams

In today’s fast-paced business environment, scaling and coordinating multiple Scrum teams can be challenging. However, your organization can thrive with a robust framework, the guidance of an agile consulting firm, and continuous improvement. Here’s how.

Understanding the Need for Multiple Teams

When a project grows beyond the capacity of a single Scrum team, introducing additional groups becomes inevitable. Many agile companies have mastered coordinating multiple Scrum teams, leading to increased productivity and faster delivery. Collaborating with an agile development company can seamlessly introduce and align various teams.

Role of an Agile Coaching Company

One cannot emphasize enough the significance of an agile coaching company in this journey. With their expertise, they provide tailored strategies, mentorship, and hands-on training to ensure all teams are aligned. They offer a roadmap to become a genuine agile company.


  • Daily Scrum of Scrums – This is a meeting where representatives from each Scrum team converge to discuss their progress and challenges. It ensures that all teams remain on the same page.
  • Integrated Product Increments – At the end of each sprint, teams should integrate their work. This ensures that the product remains cohesive even when developed by multiple teams.

Dependency Management

Dependencies between teams can become blockers if not managed correctly. Tools and visual aids can be helpful, too. However, the real solution lies in regular communication and collaboration between teams.

Shared Vision and Goals

All teams should clearly understand the project’s overarching objectives. This can be achieved through comprehensive training provided by an agile consulting firm. A shared vision fosters a sense of unity and direction.

Tools and Infrastructure

Use integrated tools that promote real-time collaboration, tracking, and communication. Remember, tools should aid the process, not complicate it.

Feedback Loops

Regularly review the collaboration process among teams. Encourage feedback and make necessary adjustments. Collaboration with an agile coaching company can be pivotal in establishing efficient feedback mechanisms.

Scaling Frameworks

Consider frameworks like SAFe, LeSS, or Spotify, designed explicitly for scaling Scrum. These provide structures and practices to guide multiple Scrum teams. An agile development company can help you choose the best framework tailored to your needs.

The Journey to Becoming a Fully Agile Company

Transitioning to an agile framework is more than just the processes and tools. It’s a cultural shift. Many agile companies began their journey with a single Scrum team and expanded from there. Along the way, they sought guidance from experienced agile consulting firms and benefited from the expertise of an agile coaching company.

Choosing to transform can lead to incredible benefits, from faster product delivery to improved team morale. Moreover, in the modern business environment, agility isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. By collaborating with experts and being receptive to continuous learning and adaptation, your organization can stand out as a fully-fledged agile company.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the complexities of coordinating multiple Scrum teams can seem daunting. But it’s more than achievable with the proper guidance, tools, and mindset. The expertise of an agile consulting firm or an agile development company can pave the way for a smoother transition.

Are you ready to embark on your agile transformation journey? Dive into the world of agility and experience the benefits first-hand. Take the first step now with and pave your way to success.

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