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Do you have difficulty remembering, linking new ideas, and understanding them? You are not alone. How can you be more productive and effective in your learning process and simultaneously save time to enjoy your life?

I know it is hard to study and keep learning new topics every day while we must take care of the everyday problems in our lives. 

Besides, it could be challenging due to the amount of activity in a busy life which drains your energy.

You need to give attention to your family to support them. Also, at the same time, you should be able to plan your goals and adjust them according to your available time.

Everything in your life is about time.

Mapping your challenges

Learning new technologies today is tough if you don’t have an excellent, efficient approach or method for learning. For instance, learning AWS sometimes it’s a channeling task.

Do you know how many AWS services it’s available?

In 2022, AWS already has 200 services and keeps growing. Most of those services talk to each other. Also, each service has its own set of new words, technologies, and specific configurations.

One thing that we know:

No single company or individual needs to access or use all the services simultaneously; we only pick up the services that resolve our problem.

In other words, you likely only go deep in understanding the services you need. And you will never know everything.

Ok, but what is the problem with that?


Yeap, it happened to me. Because you and I rely on a specific set of services, it’s hard to go through the AWS certification process and know at least 72% of the content test.

So, when you start to plan your certification journey, your plan must include the services you don’t use that you need to know in advance before applying for the certification that you have chosen.

Do you feel that the way you study is not enough?

Even if you are not planning to study for the certification, for example, if you are starting to learn everything from zero, you still need an excellent approach to get started and link ideas you have just learned.

How can you save time and make sure that you will remember all content most efficiently? Do you have a suitable method?

If you want the answers to the question above, keep reading and learn how to become a better learner!

Let me introduce you to the most powerful technique for learning: Mind Mapping.

A mind map is a mechanism for the brain that catches the thinking that goes on inside your head. Mind mapping helps you think, organize and collect knowledge, and make it easier to remember and create ideas. Most presumably, it will make you a better thinker and Pro learner 😎

The Secret of Mind Mapping with AWS

Because the goal of mind mapping is to link ideas and concepts together, highlight essential topics and illustrate the relationship between them.

You can build your representation or model of AWS service. For instance, let’s suppose that you would like to map everything that it’s essential when you think about VPC.

VPC would be our central topic, where you can link several ideas that are related to it.

If you don’t know what VPC is and never heard that word before, you may be thinking some questions below regarding VPC:

1 – What is VPC?

2 – Why do we use VPC?

3 – How do we use VPC?

4 – Where do we use VPC?

5 – What do I need to use a VPC?

You can build a massive list of questions and everything related to VPC. So, to make our mental model, you need a central Topic, which in our case is VPC.

So, your mind map should include everything around VPC. Also, your mind map should contain all components around the VPC. Why?

The Gaming-Changing for a good learning process

When do you learn something new: How are you sure you understand? Or How do you know that you will not forget?


Human being has a poweful capability to learn anything. But, the process of learning it’s pretty complex. 

One thing you can be sure of is understanding a new concept:

You have to link this new idea to something you already know. If not, this new idea will be lost quickly.

From the central topic, associations diverge. Links straight from the main subject are called first-level associations. Then second-level links are created, the third level, and so on. The brain considers imagination and association.

 When associations are made, relationships are made too. These connections are crucial for retaining and thinking.

How can you link new ideas that you have learned in AWS?

See below the mind mapping displaying the VPC as the central idea and your relationship with others’ ideas around it.

You can click on the image to download the full version.

AWS Mind Mapping - VPC
AWS Mind Mapping – VPC (Download the Full Version in PDF)

The mind map above contains several levels and more details, but we hide it to make it more straightforward for our example. But you can download the complete AWS VPC Mind Mapping.

This is a simple example because, from the central idea, the children’s topics do not go down to another level. But, you can continue and link more topics on it.

For example, if you downloaded our full mind map, you can see that the topic NAT Gateway contains more levels inside it. This process generates new questions, which means new connections:

AWS VPC – MindMapping

Which type of NAT Gateway exists? So, you can break it down by, for example, Private and Public. And what is different between them?

Because you can do anything, you can boost your creativity, and while you are doing the link between ideas, you are actively thinking about why the link it’s important to understand the VPC itself.

What are the other benefits of using Mind Mapping for AWS?

Let me give you the final list of benefits you can get when using Mind Mapping.

  • It helps you to easy to remember the information that you have learned.
  • Improve your creativity
  • You will feel in an enjoyable and engaging learning process.
  • Transform complex ideas into more straightforward ideas.
  • It’s flexible because you can easily add and link new ideas.

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