Autoscaling Lifecycle Hooks

What no one tells you about AWS Auto Scaling Group!

Most people know that the Auto Scaling Group’s main goal, it’s to monitor our servers to guarantee the best capacity for a specific application and make it run smoothly without impact on the end user. Also, automatically adjust the capacity according to the traffic, keeping the best cost possible. However, Auto Scaling does more than …

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How does AWS contribute to DevOps?

How does AWS contribute to DevOps?

With the evolution of Cloud Computing, the way we access applications and databases has changed. We now access these things over the internet, which has pushed the Cloud Computing providers to ensure integration and maintenance of features required for our devices to access, store or alter the databases. When discussing development, AWS has become one of the most popular service providers for DevOps. It has various tools that help developers to speed up the process of creating and deploying applications.

Terraform and Ansible

Terraform and Ansible

The Terraform and Ansible are Infrastructures as Code tools that help us DevOps Engineers automate complex tasks in a scalable fashion. They both reach and perform the same goal. Few people know we can combine both technologies, giving us more flexibility to resolve complex problems related to infrastructure and provisioning resources in the Cloud, no matter which cloud provider …

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Protect Passwords in Cloud

Protect Passwords in the Cloud [Full Project Review]

Protect Passwords in the Cloud: Security will always be a concern for any company and any development or DevOps team responsible for creating and deploying applications. I will describe here a complete project in which I was involved to improve the security of our applications and platform. To make it easier, I will start by …

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What is AWS SNS?

What is AWS SNS?

Hello, Bits Lovers!, and welcome back. This article will learn about another service that will help us decouple our application on AWS. We deliver push-based messaging utilizing the AWS Simple Notification Service or, as it’s more typically known, SNS.   Now, you may be thinking: What is push-based messaging? And, how does this approximate to that previous …

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