Terraform and Ansible

Terraform and Ansible

The Terraform and Ansible are Infrastructures as Code tools that help us DevOps Engineers automate complex tasks in a scalable fashion. They both reach and perform the same goal. Few people know we can combine both technologies, giving us more flexibility to resolve complex problems related to infrastructure and provisioning resources in the Cloud, no matter which cloud provider …

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What is AWS SNS?

What is AWS SNS?

Hello, Bits Lovers!, and welcome back. This article will learn about another service that will help us decouple our application on AWS. We deliver push-based messaging utilizing the AWS Simple Notification Service or, as it’s more typically known, SNS.   Now, you may be thinking: What is push-based messaging? And, how does this approximate to that previous …

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sqs queue

AWS SQS – All Topics that you need to know [Exam Tips]

Hello, Bits Lovers. I am happy to see you again. Let’s continue to learn how to decouple our applications. This article will guide what Simple Queue Service (SQS) is. First, before we begin learning about the SQS service itself, we need to comprehend a significant idea, and that is: What is poll-based messaging? Later, we’ll analyze SQS …

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aws decoupled architecture

Decoupled Architecture [Exam Tips]

In our previous post, we learned the difference between scaling our application vertically and horizontally. This article will examine how and what it means to decouple our applications, designing one aws decoupled architecture. We’ll begin by peeking at tight coupling architecture and how this can generate issues and bottlenecks inside our architecture. Then we’ll perform …

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