Terraform Modules

Why and How you should use Terraform Modules

Many people suggest an article about Terraform Modules. Some people have difficulties distinguishing between the modules and resources. You will learn what it is and why you should use it in your projects. Terraform is becoming more popular, and more companies and start-ups are adopting it because it improves the productivity and quality of our …

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Terraform Plan

Terraform Plan [Tricks] – What you should know about

Terraform Plan it’s the first phase of the Terraform workflow. And we need to understand it as your first task when you decide to learn Terraform. Although it’s a pretty straightforward concept, still it’s crucial to understand its importance. The main function of Terraform is to build, change, and destroy infrastructure resources to reach the …

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Terraform and Ansible

Terraform and Ansible

The Terraform and Ansible are Infrastructures as Code tools that help us DevOps Engineers automate complex tasks in a scalable fashion. They both reach and perform the same goal. Few people know we can combine both technologies, giving us more flexibility to resolve complex problems related to infrastructure and provisioning resources in the Cloud, no matter which cloud provider …

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Protect Passwords in Cloud

Protect Passwords in the Cloud [Full Project Review]

Protect Passwords in the Cloud: Security will always be a concern for any company and any development or DevOps team responsible for creating and deploying applications. I will describe here a complete project in which I was involved to improve the security of our applications and platform. To make it easier, I will start by …

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Terraform Conditional

Terraform Conditional

How to create Terraform Conditional? Like if-statement? Terraform is a declarative language. As we know, infrastructure-as-code in a declarative language gives us a more accurate picture of what’s deployed than in a procedural language, so it’s easier to reason about and makes it more straightforward to preserve the codebase small. However, specific types of tasks …

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