Terraform Lookup Function – Complete Guide with Examples

Learning how to use Terraform Lookup will boost your Terraform Skill. If you’re an engineer, chances are you’re familiar with Terraform. For those of you who aren’t, Terraform is a tool used to provision, manage, and deploy infrastructure resources. One of the neat things about Terraform is that it supports variables. Variables can be used …

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Terraform Null Resource

How to use Terraform Null Resource – Examples!

Terraform Null Resource it’s one of the several features that Terraform provides us. Once you have learned how to use null_resource, it’s mind-blowing because you immediately visualize several possibilities to use it to resolve complex problems and provisioning your resources. In this article, you will see a list of examples in which you can find inspiration …

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Terraform Plan

Terraform Plan [Tricks] – What you should know about

Terraform Plan it’s the first phase of the Terraform workflow. And we need to understand it as your first task when you decide to learn Terraform. Although it’s a pretty straightforward concept, still it’s crucial to understand its importance. The primary function of Terraform is to build, change, and destroy infrastructure resources to reach the …

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Terraform and Ansible

Terraform and Ansible

The Terraform and Ansible are Infrastructures as Code tools that help us DevOps Engineers automate complex tasks in a scalable fashion. They both reach and perform the same goal. Few people know we can combine both technologies, giving us more flexibility to resolve complex problems related to infrastructure and provisioning resources in the Cloud, no matter which cloud provider …

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Infrastructure as code tools

Infrastructure as Code Tools

As organizations think about moving partly or wholly to the cloud, infrastructure as code (IaC) has become a fundamental element in enhancing the time to build and deliver their applications. However, enterprise infrastructure experts must operate the right resources and techniques to create the infrastructure needed to run applications in the cloud. Let’s review all …

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