Terraform Locals

Terraform Locals

Terraform is not just another open-source infrastructure as a code software tool. Users determine and implement data center infrastructure applying a declarative code language, HashiCorp Code Language, or optionally JSON. So, it allows us to create code. We can create variables to facilitate the design of a dynamic solution with complex scenarios and data. And …

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aws kms vs cloudhsm


Let’s talk about CloudHSM, also doing a comparative, AWS KMS vs CloudHSM. In my previous post, we cover a lot about AWS KMS, and examples of how to use the command line. So we have situations where data protection solutions that handle encryption keys or digital signatures demanding the use of private keys are critical. …

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Setup Gitlab Runner with AWS ECR | aws ecr get login gitlab ci

Setup Gitlab Runner with AWS ECR – Authenticate into Private Repository

Setup Gitlab Runner with AWS ECR There are some things you expect to work. However, unhappily trying to get Gitlab Runner with AWS ECR turned out to be quite a daunting job, and the small documentation in this area doesn’t help.  The Problem There are mainly two same but distinct problems when it comes to working with ECR. So …

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In this blog post, we will talk about the AWS key management service or KMS and how to use aws kms cli. What is the KMS? KMS is the essential service in AWS; if you need to do any encryption, let’s look. KMS is a regional managed service that makes it straightforward to produce and …

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