How to Learn AWS More Efficiently

How to learn AWS more efficiently?

How to learn more efficiently and get AWS certification?

The faster way to boost your AWS skills is by studying for the certification. This article will give us tips regarding the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C03) and how you can study for the certificate.

How to Learn AWS More Efficiently

If you’re asking yourself, why bother? Let’s take a step back and look at the context.

A Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, wrote:

“The only constant is change”


And that’s very much true, but especially with technology. In fact, with technology, anything you learn immediately begins to decay. It starts to get out of date as quickly as you’ve learned. 

In fact, sometimes you learn things that are already out of date.

Given this, your learning must outpace technology change, or you will become irrelevant. Therefore, being able to learn efficiently and effectively is your primary skill.

It’s usually even more important than the specific technologies you know because you must keep learning new things.

You will rarely find yourself in a situation where you have all the answers already and never need to learn anything new.

An hour spent addressing the meta-issue of learning skills pays off in reduced time to learn.

Learning how to learn is the core skill.

This is probably the one skill that was never explicitly mentioned

in all the years that you’ve spent in school.

But it’s the one where there’s the most reward for the minor investment.

Speaking about my own experience, I believe that being able to learn quickly was the primary reason I could study for certifications part-time and achieve a score over 90% in just one month.

Take advantage of Mapping Topics.

When we are talking about studying efficiently, one approach can save you time, and 100% proven that it works. It’s to use Mind Mapping techniques to help boost your process to learn and memorize more content and understand complex ideas that were hard before.

When you go through complex topics that contain several exceptions, rules, and relationships with other tough subjects, for example, if you put them in a mental model (Mind Map), you can easily see the whole picture and learn at some level that you never forget.

I did that experiment on my learning journey for the AWS certification process. 

I got a fantastic result. Let’s see one example.

If it’s your first time using one cloud provider and we never heard of something called AWS VPC. And for who knows something, you should know that AWS VPC contains several other services around a VPC, and you should know all of them to build even a simple architecture in the cloud.

How to Start your Mind Map

Start the VPC as the main topic and then add sub-topics like Route Table, Subnet, VPC Endpoint, CloudHub VPN, NAT Gateway, Transit Gateway, ACL, PrivateLink, Security Group, Peerig Connection, Direct Connection. 

You can also recursively do that for each of those sub-topics. Also, keep adding all crucial information as needed.

You can download our example here: AWS VPC Mind Map! We also 20 Mind Maps for Download!

Click to Download Full Mind Map – AWS VPC

If you want to become certified as a solutions architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you should ensure that you are familiar with the concepts and terminology related to cloud computing. To do so, you must first understand what the AWS certification exams cover.

Alright, so let’s take a look at the certification path.

Learning Path – AWS

Certification Path

So let’s review what you should know and prepare for the AWS Certification test.

Let’s review crucial topics:

  • Different responses you will see in your exam.
  • Resilient Architectures.
  • High-Performing Architectures.
  • Cost-optimized architectures

Response Types

So going into your exam, you will get two different response types.

The first is multiple choice, with one correct response and three incorrect answers.

And these three incorrect responses are sometimes called distractors.

Then the other type is multiple responses, where you have two correct answers out of 5 response options.

So those are the two response types you’ll see in your exam.

Exam Domains

The exam is split into four domains.

So we have designed resilient architectures, which is 30%, designed high-performing architectures, which is 28%, designed secure applications and architectures, which is 24%, and then designed costs to optimize architectures, which is 18%.

Resilient architectures

You will need to know how to create a multi-tier architecture solution.

In addition, you need to understand how to design highly available and fault-tolerant architectures.

You’ll be tested on designing decoupling mechanisms using AWS services. And you’ll also be tested on choosing the proper resilience storage.

How to use decoupling and choosing– we even have a lecture dedicated to different storage options. 

High-performing Architectures

So you need to identify elastic and scalable computing solutions for a workload.

You need to be able to select high-performing and scalable storage solutions for your workload. You need to be able to choose high-performing networking solutions for a workload and then high-performing database solutions for a workload.

Secure applications and Architectures

So this is where you can design secure access to AWS resources, design safe application tiers, select the appropriate data security options,

and that’s it.

Cost-optimized Architectures

So, you need to identify cost-effective storage solutions and computing and database services.

You need to be able to create cost-optimized network architectures, and that is it for the four different domains.

Pass Mark

Now, you might wonder, what is the pass mark?

Well, your result from the exam is a score between 100 to 1000, and the minimum pass mark is 720.

You’re going to have 65 questions on your exam, and you’re going to have 130 minutes to complete the exam.

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